National Toothache Day


One of the mnational toothache Day ost painful things that can happen to anyone is a toothache. It can literally drive strong men to their knees, yet, every year in February we celebrate–or do we– National Toothache Day. The origins of National Toothache day seem to be rather lost in antiquity, but the gist of it for many people is that it has several different stories told about it. Many people ascribe it to the invention of the chocolate bar and the day when Hershey was founded as that is the day on which it is commemorated. Others tell that it belongs to Apolonia, the patroness of the toothache. In either case, National Toothache day tells us all to practice good dental care to prevent the toothache.

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National Kite Flying Day


February 8th of each year is National Kite Flying day. Traditionally kites are flown in March, but apparently someone wanted to get a head start on it and encourage people to go fly a kite. It’s said that kite flying day is in memory of the kite that helped us all to discover electricity, though no one actually knows if that is the origin or if it is not. Even if it were the case, Franklin’s kite flying experiment is probably a myth.
National Kite Flying day

Franklin DID however write an article for a Pennsylvania newspaper where he discussed the theoretical kite flying and projected how it would work out. Whatever the origin of Kite Flying day, you must admit that flying a kite with the kids is a lot of fun, so get out there and give it a try for yourself.
National Kite Flying day

National Send a Card to a Friend Day


When is the last time you sent a card for no reason at all. How much fun would it be just to cheer someone up, to wish them a good day or to help them to feel a little more cheery on what otherwise be a bland and uneventful day. National Send a Card to a Friend day is the perfect excuse that you need to send something fun to someone you care about. With so many different free sites online where you can send an ecard free of charge, there’s no reason that you can cheer up dozens of your friends.

National Send a Card to a Friend day was designed to help you to stay in touch with the people you know and care for. Take advantage of it. Make someone’s day on February 7 and send a card to a friend.

National Lame Duck Day


Memorializing the Twentieth Amendment, National Lame Duck day is celebrated on February 6th of each year. The amendment lowered the amount of time between election day and the beginning of the terms for the President, Vice President, and Congress. Originally they began in March, four months after the elections. In the beginning, when travel was slower and things were different, the four months was a necessity. When much of the reason for the long interval changed, people felt it was time to change the laws too. In some cases the lame duck president had to take on too many duties before the new President came into office. As the journey was no longer so long and hard, so the law was changed to allow the elected officials to take office much sooner.
National Lame Duck Day
A lame duck, in politics, is an elected official who is approaching the end of his or her tenure, especially one whose successor has already been elected. The official is often seen as having less influence with other politicians due to his limited time left in office. Conversely, a lame duck is free to make decisions that exercise his standard powers with little fear of consequence, such as issuing executive orders or other controversial edicts. Lame duck politicians result from term limits, planned retirement, or electoral losses. More

National Shower With A Friend Day


With winter being the coldest, and it is said the loneliest seas of the year, people often feel left out in the cold. The daylight isn’t in full force yet and the idea of this national holiday is that people can take some time and spend cuddling up in the shower and afterwards, getting warm from the water. It was also designed, so it’s said, to help people learn the benefits of showering in clean, filtered water and to help them to understand the benefits that can come from saving water and sharing a shower. Happy National Shower With a Friend Day on February 5th.Shower with a friend

National Thank a Mailman Day


 National Thank a Mailman Day.When is the last time that you said thank you to your mailman? Most of us don’t think about what the mailman has to offer us every day. Starting from the days when the mailmen were pony express men who delivered the mail across many miles using just a horse to deliver it, our mailmen and women have given us a lot of service. If you think about your mail. . . well you don’t really think about it, do you. It just appears at your door and it’s something that most of us take for granted daily. We know we can expect it and we know that we can depend on it. Getting the mail means those interesting and fun packages, letters from home and even photos and other great things that grace your door. Today is national thank a mailman day. Don’t forget to say thank you to yours and show your appreciation for what they do every day.

“Neither rain, nor snow, nor death of the night, can keep us from our duty”

National Day The Music Died


the Day the music died
National Day the Music Died.

In the immortal words of Don Mclean, “the day the music died” became a national day that celebrates–or perhaps that’s not the word that we mean–commemorates the untimely death of three musicians. Buddy Holly, JP Richardson and Ritchie Valens died in a plane crash. The crash, the result of weather that took down their plane over Iowa, happened on February 3. Oddly, a year earlier in 1958, Richard Meeks, a producer, had been to see a psychic. The message he got was “Buddy Holly dies February3.” Holly, after being told, ignored it as February 3 had already passed. He died the following year on that day.

National Ground Hog Day


Ground Hog Day,

begun in Pennsylvania in a small town called Punxatawny, began with a small town, a groundhog and an old legend. It is celebrated on February 2 each year. It began with folklore where the ground hog would come out of his burrow and if he saw his shadow then we had six more weeks of winter coming. If the groundhog came out of his burrow and did not see his shade then there would be an early spring and people had something to look forward to.
Ground hog day
In Pennsylvania it’s a social occasion where there are speeches made, fun food is served and skits are created to entertain the crowds. The Pennsylvania Dutch or German people originated Groundhog day. It was already quite popular prior to the Move Groundhog day that made it even more popular.




National Spouses Day is celebrated annually o January 26th. National Spouse’s Day is dedicated to recognizing spouses of everywhere; from being thankful for fulfillment and security of a long-term relationship, to the boost of morale and well-being provided by spouses. This day is a time to show your spouse that you care and appreciate all of the things that he/she does for you and for the home. Over time, it is often easy to take for granted the many things your spouse does. They are always there and do many things in the daily routine, so why not take National Spouses Day to say thank you. Spouses day is a non gift giving day. This is a day to find small ways to let your other half know that he or she is appreciated. There are many small ways to make Spouses Day special for the love of your life. Maybe you can use this day to say I love you multiple times.

If it has been a while since you have expressed appreciation to the one with whom you are married, now is your chance. Again, this day is not about giving gifts but spend time together and enjoy each other. This is the perfect opportunity to say thank you either in words or in some other special way.


It is yet to be discovered by whom or when Spouses day was created.


National Blonde Brownie Day


National Blonde Brownie Day

What better way to celebrate Blonde Brownie Day then to eat brownies?? National Blonde Brownie Day is a special day that is set aside to bake and eat blonde brownies. What’s a blonde brownie, you ask? Well, as their name implies, traditional brownies are a dark brown. To make blonde brownies, light brown sugar is used in the recipe in place of dark brown chocolate. On National Blonde Brownie Day, its your right and responsibility to bake blonde brownies, and to eat them.

blond brownies
A blondie (also known as a “blond[e] brownie” or “blondie bar”) is a rich, sweet dessert bar. It is made from flour, brown sugar, butter, eggs, baking powder, and vanilla, and may also contain walnuts or pecans. Chocolate chip blondies may contain white or dark chocolate chips. A blondie may have a taste reminiscent of butterscotch.

Blondies resemble the traditional chocolate brownie, but are based on brown sugar instead of cocoa; they are sometimes referred to as blonde brownies. They are baked in a pan in the oven similar to how traditional brownies are baked, then cut into rectangular shapes for serving.

Blondies are often confused with white chocolate brownies,[citation needed] although they differ significantly. Unlike the white chocolate brownie or the normal brownie, they contain no chocolate or chocolate flavouring, not inclusive of chocolate chips, which are often put in blondies.

Like brownies, blondies may include chocolate chips. They may also contain coconut, nuts, toffee, or any other chunky candy for added texture. Blondies aren’t usually frosted; the brown sugar flavor tends to be sweet enough.
Have More Fun: Try Our Blonde Brownie Recipe.