Michael G. Schurmann And His Mission To Bring Down High Prices

phon1400After emigrating to the U. S. from Germany, Michael G. Schurmann made America his new home. He joined the Marines and became a Vietnam Veteran. After retiring in 2005, this former business owner found it difficult to sit around and do nothing as some retirees find themselves doing. Without delay, Michael quickly educated himself on ways to use the Internet to his advantage and discovered that affiliate marketing offered the benefits for which he had been looking. Michael and his family do not believe in paying retail for anything other than some foods and postage stamps. He and his wife clip coupons and search the internet for bargains and only buy what they truly need. This allows them to live well on their current income without worrying about paying bills. Michael’s passion is helping others learn to live within their means, as well, and that is why he has set up sites like https://cellphonesforsaleinfo.com. Maybe you should get to know more about Michael and his mission to bring down high prices.

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